Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with us!

In June 2018, as part of our year-long celebration of our 10th anniversary of service,
Water to Thrive Executive Director Susanne Wilson will be leading an expedition
up the Lemosho Route of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds to support our mission
of bringing clean, safe water to rural African communities in need.

Meet our team members and pledge to their fundraising drives!


Chef David Bull
Second Bar + Kitchen
Founding Chef, Water to Thrive’s Chef’s Table Austin

“I first learned about Water To Thrive several years ago, when I was approached by W2T to help create what would become
their signature fundraising event, Chef’s Table Austin. During the process, I learned more about the water crisis
and saw W2T’s dedication to help provide the basic, life-changing resource of safe water.
I have truly enjoyed this annual event, supporting W2T’s mission of bringing clean water to so many African communities in need.
Climbing Kilimanjaro this summer will certainly be an amazing experience for my daughter and me.
We are very excited to do the climb and raise money and awareness for Water To Thrive!”

Support Chef Bull’s Climb for Clean Water!



Jennifer Flacke
Water to Thrive supporter
St. Louis, MO

“Friends, as you know, I always seem to find myself in search of more in life.  A purpose or a goal;
something to strive for. My passion is adventure and fitness combined with philanthropy.
Here I am ready to embark on a new journey and I am asking for your support.”

Support Jennifer’s Climb for Clean Water!

John and Jo Herbold
Water to Thrive supporters
San Antonio, Texas

“We have decided to challenge ourselves and participate in Water to Thrive’s amazing 2018 fundraiser
of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! We hope to help raise awareness
about the many rural Tanzanian communities still waiting for safe water,
while raising funds to support W2T operations at the same time.”

Support John and Jo’s Climb for Clean Water!


​Clara Guzman Herrera
Water to Thrive supporter
Austin, TX

“I believe that one of the greatest gifts of a life is helping others. The fallout of this is that we end up helping ourselves
through life experiences and positive interactions, even if we don’t realize it at the time. I spent many years letting life live me.
Now, I am living life. I am a single mom of three glorious children. They are the greatest gift of my life.

I don’t believe in bucket lists. I believe in life lists. And, a life is defined by actions, not words. I want to show my children, students,
and anyone who will listen, how glorious life is when we decide to act without regret, with love and fortitude.

I would be honored if you contribute to my campaign to help others live healthier lives with clean water.

I am thankful that I have never had to ask myself, “Is my water safe to drink?”

Clara Guzman Herrera
~finite but unbounded
“Don’t let trepidation inhibit you from achieving potential greatness.” CGH

Support Clara’s Climb for Clean Water!



Dick Moeller
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Water to Thrive
Austin, TX

It’s official……yes, I am crazy….I am officially committed to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in June this year.
And I need some motivation from you to help get me to the top (19,318 feet above sea level!) The last 10,000 feet will be hardest…..
so you can spur me on to that last 10,000 feet by sponsoring a share in the climb…….at $1 per foot.
Plus my friends at Thrivent will match your gift….for every $2 sponsored, there is a $1 match, i.e., a $100 sponsorship get a $50 match from Thrivent.
So, if we can get to $10,000 in sponsorships, Thrivent’s match will build a W2T 10th Anniversary Commemorative Well in Tanzania!
A gift of any size will add altitude and improve my attitude about this challenge! Your sponsorship will go to support W2T’s operations
to build wells and change lives in East Africa with clean, sustainable water.

The picture above is one of my training hikes in Lost Maples Nature Area in west Texas.
In the last 45 days, I have walked/hiked about 150 miles and have another 45 days to go, so I hope to break 300 training miles.
Your sponsorship will motivate me to keep it up, and to not shave off my beard until after I reach the peak!

Support Dick’s Climb for Clean Water!



Susanne Wilson
Executive Director, Water to Thrive
Austin, TX

“Water to Thrive has been building water projects in Tanzania for several years now, and I was struck by the idea of taking a group
to visit those projects and then climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of our mission
and raise funds to support our mission at the same time.”

Support Susanne’s Climb for Clean Water!